Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.3.2

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#297 BCEL is broken in a Turkish locale defect critical runtime-environment 1.3.1
#295 Role method guard is not evaluated defect major compiler 1.3.1
#296 AIOOBE in Parser.getTypeReference on callout with syntax error defect major compiler 1.3.1
#300 role inherits private method from regular super class defect major compiler 1.3.1
#305 Unbalanced braces in role cause several exceptions defect major compiler 1.3.1
#307 declared lifting in private method of nested team defect major compiler 1.3.1
#293 Cannot select anchored role type defect major content assist 1.3.1
#306 Source lookup for instance of a phantom role defect major debug 1.3.1
#187 Java model delta for playedBy bindings defect major otmodel 1.2.4
#301 NoSuchMethodError : lower() defect major runtime-environment 1.3.1
#302 Use standard category for Object Teams examples defect minor samples 1.3.1
#298 Support type variable anchored to an instance enhancement major compiler 1.3.1
#303 Re-activate metrics plugin enhancement major metrics 1.3.1
#272 Package explorer could show aspect bindings enhancement major otdt.pde.ui 1.3.0M3
#264 Hide synthetic breakpoints in org.objectteams.Team enhancement minor debug 1.3.0M3
#299 UI support to configure existing projects for OT/J enhancement minor otdt.pde.ui 1.3.1
#310 Aspect bindings in the package explorer should decorate base plugins with forced exports enhancement minor otdt.pde.ui 1.3.1
#211 Semantic highlighting for parameter mappings enhancement minor ui 1.2.7