Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.4.0 M1

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#317 Starting the OTDT with -configuration causes NoClassDefFoundError AdaptorActivator defect critical otequinox 1.3.2
#312 several problems with "within" statement defect major compiler 1.3.1
#316 Base import checking cannot handle split packages defect major compiler.adaptor 1.3.2
#315 Raise severity when adapting a deprecated class/method enhancement major compiler 1.3.2
#309 Revise implicit team activation enhancement major language 1.3.1
#318 Role class listeral does not work with parameterized syntax enhancement major language 1.3.2
#314 Action to compare a callin method with its base method enhancement major ui 1.3.2
#241 Update user guide task major help 1.2.7