Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.3.1

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#275 Internal compiler error on illegal callin binding defect major compiler 1.3.0
#280 callout binding does not correctly resolve overloaded base methods defect major compiler 1.3.0
#281 Can't use anchored types in a team ctor with declared lifting defect major compiler 1.3.0
#282 Role class cannot extend parameterized defect major compiler 1.3.0
#283 AIOOBE in AnchorMapping.checkInstantiateParameters defect major compiler 1.3.0
#284 inferred callouts and declared exceptions defect major compiler 1.3.0
#285 Role features cannot be resolved in callin parameter mappings defect major compiler 1.3.0
#274 Java code formatter issue with base imports defect major dom 1.3.0
#286 Search does not produce accurate matches for feature references in callin result mappings defect major search 1.3.0
#268 Package Explorer: role file view options defect minor jdt.ui.adaptor 1.3.0M3
#50 Linked-mode refactoring does not capture all occurrences defect minor refactoring 1.1.6
#249 Implicit inheritance should handle annotations, too enhancement major compiler 1.3.0M1
#278 Working with plain Java projects that use OT-keywords as identifiers enhancement major compiler 1.3.0
#277 Quickfix to adjust callout binding token enhancement major content assist 1.3.0
#279 Disable OTRE configuration for non-OT launches enhancement major debug 1.3.0
#276 Better formatting for method bindings enhancement major dom 1.3.0
#287 result mappings in before/after bindings should be illegal enhancement major language 1.3.0
#289 Allow client code to participate in role creation during lifting enhancement major runtime-environment 1.3.0