Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.3.0 M4

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#262 Marker OT_BREAKPOINT_COPIES uses illegal value type defect critical debug 1.3.0M3
#263 JDWP errors cause "old" VMs to crash defect critical debug 1.3.0M3
#259 Reconciler doesn't see callout visibility modifiers defect major compiler 1.3.0M3
#266 Warning for inferred callout-to-method only on first occurrence defect major compiler 1.3.0M3
#225 NPE in CopyInheritanceBreakpointManager defect major debug 1.2.7
#261 Link with editor doesn't work when showing logical structure defect major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.3.0M3
#251 callin and autoboxing defect major runtime-environment 1.2.8
#265 OTRE wrongly weaves private base method defect major runtime-environment 1.3.0M3
#269 New Team Wizard generates illegal overrides for nested teams defect major ui 1.3.0M3
#246 Javadoc warnings for roles defect minor compiler 1.2.8
#267 Visibility of inferred callout-to-field methods defect minor compiler 1.3.0M3
#233 Deleted role classes occupy namespace defect minor otmodel 1.2.7
#258 Further improve step debugging enhancement major debug 1.3.0M3
#271 More consistently support plain Java files with OT identifiers enhancement major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.3.0M3
#192 Improve support for generic roles enhancement major language 1.2.5
#250 Decapsulation warning for base import should be suppressable at the role type enhancement minor compiler 1.3.0M2
#242 Consider binding to final base class as decapsulation enhancement minor language 1.2.8