Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.3.0 M3

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#252 VM-specific options should only conditionally be inserted to eclipse.ini defect critical provisioning 1.3.0M2
#253 Observing the start of new threads causes application hang on Apple JVM defect critical runtime-environment 1.3.0M2
#222 role files can be named differently from contained role type defect major compiler 1.2.7
#254 IllegalArgumentException in StackMapFrame.addStackItem() defect major compiler 1.3.0M2
#257 ClassCircularityError during OTDT start-up defect major otequinox 1.3.0M2
#209 Search should find lifting as instantiation enhancement major search 1.2.7
#240 Warn about "playedBy FQN" enhancement minor compiler 1.2.7
#166 Report ambiguities in cases of optional lowering enhancement minor language 1.2.4
#256 Should warn when lowering is optional/ambiguous enhancement minor language 1.3.0M2