Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.2.3

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#64 Compiler should warn if weaving into system classes will fail enhancement major compiler 1.1.6
#149 Weaving into system classes enhancement major runtime-environment pre_1.0
#154 Compiler reports decapsulation issues in plain Java classes defect major compiler 1.2.2
#132 Invalid error reported for base import from plugin defect major compiler.adaptor 1.2.0
#107 Organize imports removes 'base' modifier defect major content assist 1.1.8
#121 revise visibility of role methods inherited from regular super class defect major language 1.2.0pre
#145 OT/Equinox weaving fails for sub classes of bound base classes defect major otequinox 1.2.1
#152 Duplicate InnerClasses entry for __OT__RoFi defect minor compiler 1.2.2
#146 Effect of callin wrt super.m() depends on context defect minor runtime-environment 1.2.1