Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.2.4

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#158 support calling the super version of a bound base method enhancement major compiler 1.2.3
#156 blanks in eclipse installation path break OT/J launching defect critical debug 1.2.3
#159 binary operator "+" can trick a confined object into exposing toString() defect major compiler 1.2.3
#132 Invalid error reported for base import from plugin defect major compiler.adaptor 1.2.0
#97 Several issues with completing method bindings defect major content assist 1.1.7
#160 Outline of a team spontaneously collapses and looses method nodes defect major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.2.3
#162 Loading a team class from an inactive bundle silently fails defect major otequinox 1.2.3
#157 Versioning scheme for jdt.core patch causes dependency conflicts defect major provisioning 1.2.3
#161 NPE in OTRE Transformer causes error in help system defect major runtime-environment 1.2.3
#155 Compiler reports unnecessary cast in generated code defect minor compiler 1.2.2