OTDT Release Notes

Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.2.2

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#140 Compiler exception on callout in role interface defect major compiler 1.2.0
#139 Quick fix generates illegal callin implementation from role interface defect major content assist 1.2.0
#35 Java Type Indicator is not displayed for some role files, some times defect major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.1.5
#60 Paragraph on imports for role files is missing in OTJLD 1.2.5 defect major language 1.1.6
#102 Extract method refactoring throws NPE in OTTypeHierarchy defect major refactoring 1.1.8
#136 Error reading bytecode attribute defect minor compiler 1.2.0
#72 Missing _OT$getTeam() method after moving a role defect minor compiler.adaptor 1.1.6
#104 Incremental build of role files should avoid "incomplete build" enhancement major compiler.adaptor 1.1.8
#137 Revise launch configurations for OT/J enhancement major debug 1.2.0
#135 Improve error message for guard requiring signatures in method binding enhancement major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.2.0
#45 Completion for tsuper calls enhancement minor content assist 1.1.6
#130 Navigation support for inferred callouts enhancement minor jdt.ui.adaptor 1.2.0
#147 Consolidate handling of method modifiers task major compiler 1.2.1