OT/J Aspect Bindings


OTDT 0.9.1 based on Eclipse 3.2.

This extension point allows to define a new relationship between plug-ins called "aspectBinding". By an aspectBinding an aspect plug-in declares which base plug-ins it wishes to adapt and which team classes are used for that purpose. Only teams in this list are allowed to adapt classes from another plug-in, and such adaptation is restricted to classes residing in the specified base plug-in. Each team class mentioned in an aspectBinding is automatically instantiated before the corresponding base plug-in is fully activated. In addition extensions may specify that a given team is also activated after instantiation.

Configuration Markup:

<!ELEMENT extension (aspectBinding+)>

<!ATTLIST extension





<!ELEMENT aspectBinding (basePlugin , team+)>

<!ATTLIST aspectBinding

icon CDATA "platform:/plugin/org.objectteams.otdt.ui/icons/ot/calloutbinding_obj.gif"


Specifies an individual aspect binding by which a given team class adapts classes from a given base plugin.

<!ELEMENT basePlugin (forcedExports? , requiredFragment*)>

<!ATTLIST basePlugin


icon CDATA "platform:/plugin/org.eclipse.pde.ui/icons/obj16/plugin_obj.gif"


The base plug-in whose classes may be adapted by the given team(s). The base bundle must be a regular bundle, not a fragment. If a bundle fragment should be adapted the aspect binding must refer to the fragment's host bundle and additionally a requiredFragment should be added.

By specifying SELF as the basePlugin, a team may adapt classes from its own bundle.


<!ATTLIST team

class      CDATA #REQUIRED

superclass CDATA #IMPLIED


icon       CDATA "platform:/plugin/org.objectteams.otdt.ui/icons/ot/team_obj.gif"


The team class of this plug-in which is allowed to adapt classes of the given base plug-in.

<!ELEMENT forcedExports (#PCDATA)>

Declare any requests to access packages from the base plugin which are not exported. Provide comma separated list of package names (as in the OSGi Export-Package: header).

<!ELEMENT requiredFragment EMPTY>

<!ATTLIST requiredFragment



Name of a fragment of the base bundle that is required by the aspect.

See example plugin org.objectteams.otequinox.branding.

API Information:
The class named in the class property must be a team class thus implementing the org.objectteams.ITeam interface.

Supplied Implementation:

This file is part of "Object Teams Development Tooling"-Software

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Technical University Berlin - Initial API and implementation