Object Teams Package Explorer

The Object Teams package explorer provides the following features (in addition to the features of the standard JDT package explorer view):

Physical view:
role file FlightBonusDialog is displayed as a child of its team package.

Object Teams package explorer view

Logical view:
role FlightBonusDialog is displayed as a child of its enclosing team class.

Object Teams package explorer logical view

Aspect bindings in Object Teams Plug-in projects

If an Object Teams Plug-in project has aspect bindings these will be displayed in the package explorer directly under the project's root:

Below the node called OT/Equinox Aspect Bindings you will find the list of all base plug-ins adapted by the given OT plug-in. Each base plug-in in turn lists all teams that implement this adaptation.
Base plug-ins to which forced exports are applied are decorated with a little up-and-left arrow:

Decoration for base plug-in with forced export

Double clicking a base plugin or a team shows the corresponding element in an editor: