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Object Teams Development Tooling (OTDT)

A full-fledged Eclipse-based IDE for OT/J is being developed within the TOPPrax research project.

Command line compiler

Last released version of our command line tools for OT/J is 0.6.1c. This implementation has a few restrictions, but has successfully been used for different kinds of student work since June 2003.

Ruby Object Teams

This prototypical language implementation has been used for the case study described in [Veit, Herrmann 2003].

LAC (Lua Aspectual Components)
LAC was the first prototype of aspectual components, from which Object Teams evolved.
It is implemented using the reflective language Lua.

LAC is explained in "Combining Composition Styles in the Evolvable Language LAC"

Software - Other Tools

Design with Object Teams

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