Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.4.0 M3

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#326 Must enforce rule OTJDL 2.1.2(e) "No free type parameters" defect major compiler 1.4.0M1
#332 Ctor of value-dependent type causes illegal byte code defect major compiler 1.4.0M2
#333 "implements" declaration not correctly inherited defect major compiler 1.4.0M2
#169 Method binding completion hides role methods defect major content assist 1.2.4
#331 Concurrent implicit team activation may cause AIOOBE defect major runtime-environment 1.4.0M2
#144 Allow teams extending a non-team class enhancement major language 1.2.0
#292 Generic callin to generic base method enhancement major language 1.3.1
#324 Callin bindings to team methods enhancement major language 1.4.0M1
#335 Include Extension Point references in help plugin defect minor help 1.4.0M2