Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.2.8

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#237 Generic declared lifting should work accross team inheritance enhancement major compiler 1.2.7
#221 Quickfix for adding @Override to a role class enhancement major content assist 1.2.7
#131 Combine quick fixes for materialization of inferred callouts enhancement minor content assist 1.2.0
#216 Decorate icon of bound roles enhancement major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.2.7
#176 Support @Override annotation for role classes enhancement major language 1.2.4
#214 Clarify how guards handle exceptions enhancement minor language 1.2.7
#228 Inheritance of team activation to child threads enhancement major runtime-environment 1.2.7
#220 Support override markers/indicators for role classes enhancement major ui 1.2.7
#217 Team selection dialog doesn't show any teams enhancement minor ui 1.2.7
#224 Debugger cannot distinguish lines from current vs. tsuper role defect critical debug 1.2.7
#36 Newly created aspectBinding is not considered by the compiler defect critical otequinox 1.2.7
#239 forcedExports: StackOverFlow while exporting root and subpackage defect critical otequinox 1.2.7
#229 AIOOBE when compiling against old OT/J byte code defect major compiler 1.2.7
#232 Callouts to private fields always refer to hidden super-fields defect major compiler 1.2.7
#210 Quickfix for inferred use of callout-to-field not offered defect major content assist 1.2.7
#238 Quickfix for missing base import in role file must add to the team defect major content assist 1.2.7
#223 Cannot set breakpoint an role-level guard predicate defect major debug 1.2.7
#215 Rewriting of callin binding with guard predicate produces broken code defect major dom 1.2.7
#212 New OT Plug-in projects have no pde builders defect major otdt.pde.ui 1.2.7
#213 Make base import checking aware of multiple aspect bindings defect major otequinox 1.2.7
#236 Threading issues of aspect negotiators defect major otequinox 1.2.7
#219 IllegalAccessError when decapsulating protected inherited method defect major runtime-environment 1.2.7
#218 Base imports for role files are not fully recognized defect minor compiler 1.2.7
#200 Visibilty of inherited public fields defect minor compiler 1.2.5
#231 callin marker creator uses wrong scheduling rule defect minor ui 1.2.7