Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.2.6

Ticket Summary Type Priority Component Version
#196 Support quickfix for correcting the visibility of a callout enhancement critical content assist 1.2.5
#191 Completion could better support guards enhancement major content assist 1.2.5
#186 highlight decapsulation in base code enhancement major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.2.4
#198 Allows specification of forced exports in a separate file enhancement major otequinox 1.2.5
#199 Better usability for forced exports enhancement major otequinox 1.2.5
#129 Completion proposals for base features (inferred callouts) enhancement minor content assist 1.2.0
#195 Callout bindings should be more flexible wrt visibility enhancement minor language 1.2.5
#189 Syntax error in guard causes ICE in PredicateGenerator defect major compiler 1.2.5
#190 InternalCompilerException when generic role has a private field defect major compiler 1.2.5
#188 Java file in non-java project breaks callin marker creator defect major ui 1.2.5
#193 Fade out CollectedReplacementsTransformer task major compiler 1.2.5
#194 Analyzing role-method visibility should be separated out task minor compiler 1.2.5