OTDT Release Notes

Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.2.1

ticket summary type priority component version
#122 OTDT deadlocks on Sun JVM defect critical third-party 1.2.0pre
#123 Range overflow for irritants in CompilerOptions defect major compiler 1.2.0pre
#142 spurious errors for team with constructor with declared lifting defect major compiler 1.2.0
#12 Quick fix 'create method ...' does not work across teams defect major content assist 1.1.3
#120 Quickfix for role constructor visibility doesn't work defect major content assist 1.2.0pre
#134 Completion on base-call throws error defect major content assist 1.2.0
#143 Quickfix "add unimplemented methods" not working for roles defect major content assist 1.2.0
#138 Completion proposes bindings to invisible base features defect minor content assist 1.2.0
#126 [completion] Local variable proposals should filter OT-internals enhancement major content assist 1.2.0pre
#128 Remove dependencies to org.eclipse.core.runtime bundle enhancement minor otequinox 1.2.0
#141 Improve compiler support for role files task major compiler 1.2.0
#118 jdt.ui.adaptor must migrate to using StyledString task major jdt.ui.adaptor 1.2.0pre