Issues resolved in the OTDT 1.2.0

ticket summary type priority component version
#119 Handling of plugin dependencies broken in 3.4 defect blocker deployment 1.2.0pre
#108 Inferred callout to static generates illegal byte code defect major compiler 1.1.9
#109 Reflective method hasRole can be tricked to answer wrongly defect major compiler 1.1.9
#116 Compiler must provide complete information for StackMapTable attribute defect major compiler 1.2.0pre
#92 Search in OTSample-Flightbonus fails due to "duplicate type" error defect major search 1.1.7
#44 Search result page lists method bindings under a separate parent (tree layout) defect minor search 1.1.5
#111 Warning can not be suppressed / configured enhancement major compiler 1.1.9
#114 Filter generated variables during debug enhancement major debug 1.1.9
#110 getAllRoles should support filtering per role type enhancement major language 1.1.9
#112 Improve signatures of some reflective methods enhancement major language 1.1.9
#69 OTEquinox should use the new equinox adaptor hook enhancement major otequinox 1.1.6
#117 Consolidation of visibility checking for role methods task major compiler 1.2.0pre