Hints on installing the OTDT

As of version 1.2.0 the procedures for installing the OTDT have been unified to fit into the conventions of the new provisioning system "p2". As a result it is now possible to install the OTDT on top of any of the provided Eclipse packages.

Step-by-step installation

Using the new update UI of p2, this is how you install the OTDT:

While parts of the OTDT come as regular features/plug-ins, two things are special about this installation:

The following table explains the effects of installing the OTDT in more detail:

 Installing and using the command line compiler

The command line compiler can be downloaded as a single jar file called ecotj-1.2.X.jar.

The compiler can be run by the following command:
Use -help as the argument to see the list of options.

Running OT/J programs outside Eclipse is only slightly more complicated. We have script files which hide all details, however, configuring these scripts is currently not automated. Please ask us via the otj-users mailing list, if you want to run OT/J programs from the command line.