Object Teams Type Hierarchy

The Object Teams type hierarchy provides the following features (in addition to the features of the standard JDT type hierarchy view):

Type hierarchy tree:

Member list (method viewer):

Opening a type hierarchy on the current text selection

To open a type hierarchy on a text selection, select the name of an Object Teams element or Java element in the editor or package explorer and do one of the following: Note: If the selected Object Teams element or Java element is not a type or a compilation unit, the hierarchy opens on the type enclosing the current selection.

Type hierarchy:
Object Teams type hierarchy view

Role hierarchy:
Object Teams implicit role hierarchy view

Note, that for roles, the super types are not restricted to a linear chain, but due to combination of explicit and implicit inheritance (OTJLD §1.3.1 ) a role may have multiple supers. E.g., in the picture, HierarchyDisplayImpl.CompositeNode explicitly inherits from HierarchyDisplayImpl.Node and implicitly inherits from HierarchyDisplay.CompositeNode.