Binding markers

Binding markers are OT/J specific annotations on the vertical ruler (marker bar) left of the extended Java Editor. These markers come in three flavors:

PlayedBy and callin markers Callin marker annotation in vertical ruler (marker bar)
Callout decapsulation marker Callout decapsulation marker annotation in vertical ruler (marker bar)

Aside from raising awareness of these bindings, the markers can also be used to directly navigate to the corresponding role or callin/callout binding. When right clicking on a binding marker a pop-up menu will open which contains a corresponding submenu OT/J bound roles, or OT/J callin bindings, or OT/J callout decapsulation. This submenu in turn holds all bindings relevant at the current position, sorted by teams.

PlayedBy marker menu PlayedBy marker menu
Callin marker menu Callin marker menu

Binding markers are enabled/disabled globally on the Object Teams preference page.
Detailed configuration is possible via Window->Preferences->General->Editors->Text Editors->Annotations